In computer world, serial communication is the process of sending data one bit at a time, sequentially, over a communication channel or computer bus. Serial communication is used for all long-haul communication and most computer networks, where the cost of cable and synchronization difficulties make parallel communication impractical.

Serial computer buses are becoming more common even at shorter distances, as improved signal integrity and transmission speeds in newer serial technologies have begun to outweight the parallel buses advantages. The migration from PCI to PCI Express is an example.

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  • 15 pin D-SUB female15 pin D-SUB female
    ITU-TSS X.21 interface Common names: ITU-TSS (CCITT) X.21, ISO 4903
  • 25 pin D-SUB male
    PC serial (25 pin) PC serial port (nowdays rare)
  • 10 pin IDC male
    Rosewill RC-303 Serial/LPT PCI Card - RS232/Serial The Rosewill Serial/LPT PCI card (RC-303) with the GD75232 UART (Serial) to PC chip. This pinout is the Serial connector pins on the card (JP2&JP3). Pin 1 is marked by an arrow on the card. They follow the standard IDC number scheme. Odd pins bottom row, Even pins top row.
  • 8 pin RJ45 (8P8C) female8 pin RJ45 (8P8C) male
  • 15 pin D-SUB male
    TI Silent 700 Electronic Data Terminal EIA/Auxiliary Coupler The Model 745 was a late-70s dumb terminal with built-in acoustic coupler, with an external connection for direct computer or external modem use.

Apple Pinouts

DEC Pinouts

  • 10 pin IDC male
    DEC DLV11-J Serial Available on the DEC DLV11-J Serial card
  • 25 pin D-SUB male
    DEC Dual RS-232 Found on the DEC Multia and DEC UDB (Universal Desktop Box). It contains two Serial ports on one connector. The 1st port is located on the normal pins, and the 2nd port is located on some "spare" pins.
  • 6 pin MMJ female6 pin MMJ male
    DEC MMJ MMJ=Modified Modular Jack. Invented by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) (now: Compaq)

obsolete computers Pinouts

SGI Pinouts

  • 8 pin mini-DIN female
    Serial (SGI MiniDIN) Mini-DIN-8 serial port connectors are found on the Personal IRIS 4D/30, 4D/35, Indigo, Indy, and Indigo2. Most of other SGI workstation uses standard PC serial pinout.
  • 9 pin D-SUB female
    SGI serial port This connector can be found on Challenge, Onyx, Personal IRIS, and Power Series systems

Sun Pinouts

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