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The Model 745 was a late-70s dumb terminal with built-in acoustic coupler, with an external connection for direct computer or external modem use.

Keyboard/Printer EIA Interface

Description Cable Termination (DB-25P)
1 SIG GND Signal Ground 7
9 PRO GND Protective Ground 1
10 +12V +12 Volts to RTS (EIA on +3V when power is on) 4
11 DCD Data Carrier Detect (Held to EIA ON by external equipment) 8
12 RXD Receive Data 3
13 TXD

Transmit Data

15 DTR Data Terminal Ready (DTR is +3V when terminal is online) 20

(Relative to the keyboard and printer)

Acoustic Coupler Interface:

Pin Number

Pin Name Description

Cable Termination

1 SIG GND Signal Ground 7
2 DCD Carrier Detect 8
3 TXD Transmit Data 2
6 CTS Clear To Send 5
7 DSR Data Set Ready 6
8 RXD Receive Data 3
9 PRO GND Protective Ground 1

(Relative to the acoustic Coupler internal to the terminal and on another connector)


The Jumper connector (to use the internal Acoustic Coupler when configured for external use), is 3 connections:

From pin To Pin
2 11
3 13
8 12


15 pin D-SUB male connector layout
15 pin D-SUB male connector
at the terminal
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