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25 pin D-SUB male connector layout
25 pin D-SUB male connector
Pin Name Dir Description
1SNG---Shield ground
2TXD-->Tx Transmit Data, Out
3RCD<--Rx Receive Data, In
4RTS-->Request to Send, Out
5CTS<--Clear to Send, In
6DSR<--Data Set Ready, In
8DCD<--Data Carrier Detect, In
9n/c No connection
10n/c No connection
11n/c No connection
12CH<--Data signal rate selector, In
13n/c No connection
14n/c No connection
15n/c No connection
16n/c No connection
17n/c No connection
18n/c No connection
19n/c No connection
20DTR-->Terminal Ready Signal, Out
21n/c No connection
22CE<--Ring indicator, In
23n/c No connection
24n/c No connection
25n/c No connection
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Is this pinout
Source(s) of this and additional information: Apple Tech Info Library 1184: AppleLine Pinouts at Apple TIL homepage, from Hardware Book
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