A video card (also called a video adapter) is an expansion card which generates a feed of output images to a display.

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  • CDTV Video Slot Used for RF-modulator usually.
  • 5 pin DIN female
    Commodore Vic 20 video 
  • 9 pin D-SUB female
    EGA EGA=Enhanced Graphics adapter. Interface bus uses a 9-pin D-sub connector. This EGA standard [1984] offered improved resolutions and more colors than CGA. EGA allowed graphical output up to 16 colors (chosen from a palette of 64) at screen resolutions of 640x350, or 80x25 text with 16 colors, all at a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The monitors have a digital interface.
  • 9 pin D-SUB female
    MDA (Hercules) 
  • 9 pin D-SUB female
    PGA Videotype: Analogue.
  • 26 pin IDC male
    VESA Feature The VESA feature connector (VFC) is a connector on videocards that was used in past to transfer video data from the card to another device, made by VESA.
  • 9 pin D-SUB female
    VGA (9) VGA=Video Graphics adapter or Video Graphics Array. Videotype: Analogue.

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  • 13 pin 13W3 female
    IBM PowerPC video Some versions of the IBM PowerPC computer come equipped with a 13W3 video connector.

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