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Connector is 13 pin DIN female at the computer.

Pin Name Description
1 AO Audio Out
2 CVIDEO Composite Video
3 GPO General Purpose Output - linked to Port A bit 6 of the sound chip, user programmable
4 M detect if line is low, ST enters high res monochrome mode (no other use) linked to pin 17 of MFP68901 chip
5 AI Audio In
6 G Green
7 R Red
8 +12V +12 VDC (520ST has GND)
9 HSYNC Horizontal Sync
10 B Blue
11 MVIDEO Monochrome Video
12 VSYNC Vertical Sync
13 GND Ground
13 pin unspecified connector layout
13 pin unspecified connector
According to 2 reports in our database (2 positive and 0 negative) this pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
Source(s) of this and additional information: Hardware Book, Lawrence Wright, Steve & Sally Blair
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