VGA, DVI, S-Video and other video connectors

The DFP connector is a 20 pin connector. It and the DVI connector carry the same type of digital signal (TMDS). The DFP connector was created before the DVI, by VESA, and is only designed to carry digital video, so there is no provision to carry analog.

Pin Signal
1 TMDS Data 1 +
2 TMDS Data 1 ?
3 Ground
4 Ground
5 TMDS Data C +
6 TMDS Data C ?
7 Ground
8 +5V
9 Reserved
10 Reserved
11 TMDS Data 2 +
12 TMDS Data 2 -
13 Ground
14 Ground
15 TMDS Data 0 +
16 TMDS Data 0 -
17 Reserved
18 Reserved
19 DDC Data
20 DDC Clock


Signal type: digital. DDC = Display Data Channel. T.M.D.S. = Transition Minimized Differential Signal.

20 pin MDR20 female connector layout
20 pin MDR20 female connector
at the videocard
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Is this pinout
Source(s) of this and additional information: Matrox G200 Flat Panel Add-On - User Guide
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