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14 pin Apple AAUI male connector layout
14 pin Apple AAUI male connector
Apple Attachment Unit Interface (AAUI) is a re-design of the standard Attachment Unit Interface (AUI) used to connect Ethernet transceivers to computer equipment. Available on Macintosh Quadra computers, Apple Ethernet NB Card, and LaserWriter IIg printers

The interface between the MAC-layer and Layer 1 is AAUI (Apple Attachment Unit Interface). This connector can was used to connect different physical interface tranceivers, like 10Base-T, 10Base-2 or 10Base-5. The electrical characteristics and functions are identical to the AUI connector defined in the IEEE 802.3. The signalling used is EIA modified RS422. With a speed of 230k bps. The signal encoding used FMO (bi-phase space). AAUI signals have the same description, function, and electrical requirements as the AUI signals of the same name, as detailed in the IEEE Standard 802.3-1990 CSMA/CD, section 7.

Pin Name Description
1 FN Pwr Power (+12V @ 2.1W or +5V @ 1.9W)
2 DI-A Data In circuit A
3 DI-B Data In circuit B
4 VCC Voltage Common
5 CI-A Control In circuit A
6 CI-B Control In circuit B
7 +5V +5 volts (from host)
8 +5V Secondary +5 volts (from host)
9 DO-A Data Out circuit A
10 DO-B Data Out circuit B
11 VCC Secondary Voltage Common
12 NC Reserved
13 NC Reserved
14 FN Pwr Secondary +12V @ 2.1W or +5V @ 1.9W
Shell Protective Gnd Protective Ground
14 pin Apple AAUI female connector layout
14 pin Apple AAUI female connector
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