The head unit is the centerpiece of the car sound system. Typically located in the center of the dashboard, modern head units are densely integrated electronic packages housed in detachable face plates. Head units give the user control over the vehicles entertainment media: AM/FM radio, satellite radio, CDs, cassette tapes (although these are now uncommon), MP3, GPS navigation, Bluetooth, etc. Many audio-only head units afford the user precise control over detailed audio functions such as volume, band, frequency, speaker balance, speaker fade, bass, treble, EQ and so on.

Forward to / Honda Radio Stereo Head Units pinouts or follow to 46 MODERN hardware pinouts.

Honda Radio Stereo Head Units Pinouts

  • 16 pin Clarion Head Unit proprietary
    Honda 200R EON RDS p/n 7 645 024 590
  • 16 pin Clarion Head Unit proprietary
    Honda Accord (1991-1995) 2400 Head Unit p/n 39100-SM4-A100-M1, ref cm6701b

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