Computer buses and slots connectors
JAMMA=Japanese Arcade Machine Manufacturers Association

An old group trying to set standards for board pinouts (at arcade machines). This was designed to make board changes easy, just take out the old game and plug in the new. Unfortunately games have evolved, and the Jamma standard is no longer up to the job as it can`t handle more than 4 buttons or two players. Also replacing a board from a different manufacturer meant readjusting the picture on the monitor as it would not be centred in the same position.

Sold side

Pin Description
A Ground
B Ground
C +5V
D +5V
E -5V
F +12V
H Key (no connection)
J Meter 2
K Lockout 2
L Speaker -
M Audio Ground
N Video Green
P Video Sync
R Service Switch
S Tilt Switch Pinball Slam
T Coin 2
U 2 Player start
V Player 2 Up
W Player 2 Down
X Player 2 Left
Y Player 2 Right
Z Player 2 Button 1
Aa Player 2 Button 2
Ab Player 2 Button 3
Ac (Player 2 Button 4)
Ad (Player 2 Button 5)
Ae (Player 2 Button 6)
Af Ground

Component side

Pin Description
1 Ground
2 Ground
3 +5V
4 +5V
5 -5V
6 +12V
7 Key (no connection)
8 Meter 1
9 Lockout 1
10 Speaker +
11 Audio +
12 Video Red
13 Video Blue
14 Video Ground
15 Test Switch
16 Coin 1
17 1 Player start
18 Player 1 Up
19 Player 1 Down
20 Player 1 Left
21 Player 1 Right
22 Player 1 Button 1
23 Player 1 Button 2
24 Player 1 Button 3
25 (Player 1 Button 4)
26 (Player 1 Button 5)
27 (Player 1 Button 6)
28 Ground
56 pin JAMMA proprietary of JAMMA connector layout
56 pin JAMMA proprietary connector
at the arcade game
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Is this pinout
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