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10 pin unknown connector
Pin Name Description
1 LINET/R Line/talk receive
2 DAA GND Modem DAA ground
3 DAA GND Modem DAA ground
4 DAA GND Modem DAA ground
5 /RA DVR Modem relay A driver
6 DAA ID IN ID input
7 /RING3 DET Ring detect signal
8 /RBDVR Modem relay B driver
9 DAA CNTL Modem DAA control
10 +5 V MODEM +5 V power

When the PowerBook Duo computer is housed in the Duo Dock, you cannot access the integral modem via the RJ-11 connector on the PowerBook Duo's rear panel. A modem adapter card provides the connection. It plugs into the side of the Duo Dock's main logic board, using a 10-pin header connector. The card supplies the RJ-11 hook up, which is accessed on the rear panel of the Duo Dock. The adapter card interfaces with the modem card in the PowerBook Duo computer via its 10-pin connector, printed circuit traces, and the 152-pin expansion connector.


10 pins unspecified схематический вид разъема
Разъем 10 pins unspecified
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