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Pin Name Dir Description
1RGB16-->Red Bit 0
2RGB17-->Red Bit 1
3LINELF-->Audio Line Out Left
4LINERT-->Audio Line Out Right
5C28D-->Pixel-Synchronous Clock
6+5V-+5 Volts DC (1 A)
7ARED-->Analog Red
8+5V-+5 Volts DC (1 A)
9GND-Digital Ground
10+12V-+12 Volts DC (40 mA)
11AGREEN-->Analog Green
12GND-Digital Ground
13GND-Digital Ground
14/CSYNC-->Composite Sync
15ABLUE-->Analog Blue
16/XCLKEN<--Genlock Clock Enable
17GND-Digital Ground
18BURST-->Burst Gate
19/C4-->3.55/3.58 MHz Clock
20GND-Digital Ground
21GND-Digital Ground
22/HSYNC-->Horizontal Sync (47 Ohm)
23RGB4-->Blue Bit 4
24GND-Digital Ground
25RGB7-->Blue Bit 7
26/VSYNC-->Vertical Sync (47 Ohm)
27RGB15-->Green Bit 7
28BLANK-->Video Blank
29RGB23-->Red 7
30/PIXELSW-->Genlock Overlay (47 Ohm)
31-5V--5 Volts DC
32GND-Digital Ground
33/XCLK<--Genlock Clock
34/C1-->C1 Clock
35+5V-+5 Volts DC (1 A)
36PSTROBE-->Printer Port Handshake
1GND-Digital Ground
2RGB20-->Red Bit 4
3RGB21-->Red Bit 5
4RGB22-->Red Bit 6
5GND-Digital Ground
6RGB12-->Green Bit 4
7RGB13-->Green Bit 5
8RGB14-->Green Bit 6
9GND-Digital Ground
10RGB5-->Blue Bit 5
11RGB6-->Blue Bit 6
13SOG-->Sync-On-Green Indicator
14TBASE-->50/60 Hz Software Clock Timebase
15CDAC-->7.09/7.16 MHz Clock
16PPOUT<->Printer Port Paper Out
17/C3-->3.55/3.58 MHz Clock
18PBUSY<->Printer Port Busy
19/LPEN<--Light Pen Input
20/PACK<->Printer Port Acknowledge Handshake
21PSEL-->Printer Port Select
22GND-Digital Ground
23PPD0<->Printer Port Data Bit 0
24PPD1<->Printer Port Data Bit 1
25PPD2<->Printer Port Data Bit 2
26PPD3<->Printer Port Data Bit 3
27PPD4<->Printer Port Data Bit 4
28PPD5<->Printer Port Data Bit 5
29PPD6<->Printer Port Data Bit 6
30PPD7<->Printer Port Data Bit 7
31/LED-->LED (Audio filter bypass) Setting
32GND-Digital Ground
33RAWLF-->Raw (Unfiltered) Audio Left
34AGND-Audio Ground
35RAWRT-->Raw (Unfiltered) Audio Right
36AGND-Audio Ground
37n/c-Reserved for future expansion
38n/c-Reserved for future expansion
39GND-Digital Ground
40GND-Digital Ground
41n/c-Reserved for future expansion
42n/c-Reserved for future expansion
43GND-Digital Ground
44GND-Digital Ground
45RGB18-->Red Bit 2
46RGB19-->Red Bit 3
47RGB8-->Green Bit 0
48RGB9-->Green Bit 1
49RGB10-->Green Bit 2
50RGB11-->Green Bit 3
51RGB0-->Blue Bit 0
52RGB1-->Blue Bit 1
53RGB2-->Blue Bit 2
54RGB3-->Blue Bit 3
90 pin (36+54) EDGE connector layout
90 pin (36+54) EDGE connector
at the computer
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