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Pin Pin
1 POWER I/O for charging the battery and for supplying external accessories by reducing standby-time
2 GROUND Digital Ground
3 TX / D+ Out for Serial-Interface, I/O for USB-Interface full-speed 12Mbis/s
4 RX / D- In for Serial-Interface, USB-Interface full-speed 12Mbis/s
5 DATA / CTS I/O Data-Line for accessory-bus, use as CTS in data-operation
6 RTS I/O use as RTS in data-operation
7 CLK / DCD I/O Clock-Line for accessory-bus, use as DTC in data-operation
8 STEREO1_OUT Analog Out, driving ext. left speaker to Pin 9 with mono-headset. Pin 8 and Pin 10 differential mode
9 PHANTOM_BUF_OUT Analog Out, mid voltage, in stereo-mode reference to Pin 8 and Pin 10, in Mono-mode not used
10 STEREO2_OUT Analog Out, driving ext. right speaker to Pin 9 with mono-headset. Pin 8 and Pin 10 differential mod
11 GND_MIC Analog In, for external microphone
12 MICEA_AC Analog In, external Microphone

Source: Original Siemens sm_CX75_M75_L2.5e_R1.0.pdf

12 pin Siemens Slim Lumberg cell phone proprietary of Siemens CX75  connector layout
12 pin Siemens Slim Lumberg cell phone proprietary connector
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