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Applicable to A/C/S/M/SL 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, x25, x35, 3508, s2588? Full pinout.
Pin Name Dir Description
1 GND - Ground
2 SELF-SERVICE in/out Recognition/control battery charger
3 LOAD in Charging voltage
4 BATTERY out Battery (S25 only)
5 DATA OUT (TX) out Data sent
6 DATA IN (RX) in Data received
7 Z_CLK - Clock line for accessory bus. Use as DCD In data operation
8 Z_DATA - Data line for accessory bus. Use as CTS in data operation
9 MICG - Ground for microphone
10 MIC in Microphone input
11 AUD out Loudspeaker
12 AUDG - Ground for external speaker

Siemens sl42, sl45 and sl45i and some others should have audio L, R and Gnd somewhere in these 12 pins (for their stereo mp3 player). Suggested that audio L is pin 2, audio R is pin 11 and audio Gnd is pin 12.


12 pin Siemens Lumberg cell phone proprietary of Siemens A35, A36, A40, C25, C35, C45, M35, M35i, M50, ME45, MT50, S25, S35, S45, SL-42, SL45, 3118 cell phones cable connector схематический вид разъема
Разъем 12 pin Siemens Lumberg cell phone proprietary
at the mobile phone
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