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Full pinout for Bosch 909 Dual (without S):

Name Direction Description
1 GND Ground, for all Bosch 9xx
2 DCD -?- Data Carrier Detect
3 DTR -?- Data Terminal Ready
4 RTS -?- Ready To Send
5 CTS -?- Clear To Send
6 DSR -?- Data Set Ready
7 IGN -?- Outside Device Present, if so put not more then 2,7 Volt in
8 GND Ground
9 SPK -?- Speaker, needs to be amplified
10 GND ANA -?- Ground analog
11 MIC -?- Microphone Elektret
12 PHP -?- Phone Present, puts out a LOW, its not ground
13 HEADSET -?- HeadSet Present, put a LOW in Sounds switched to HeadSet
14 TXD -?- Transmit Data
15   -?- that we dont know, but used by Bosch-Applications
16 BATT -?- Battery +, max. 10mAmps
17   -?- that we dont know, but used by Bosch-Applications
18 RXD -?- Receive Data
19 CBUS -?- CBUS for programing the phone - applicable to all Bosch 9xx
20 CHARGE -?- Charge + not more than 7 Volts

Pins other than GND, CBUS may be different in other than 909Dual models

20 pin Bosh cell phone proprietary of Bosch 909 Dual, 9xx cell phone connector layout
20 pin Bosh cell phone proprietary connector
at the mobile phone (keypad up)
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