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1 VCHARGE battery charging voltage IN  (max. 2A)
2 VCHARGE battery charging voltage IN  (max. 2A)
3 VBATTERY 6 V output to accessories (max. 0.5A)
4 V-PROG flash programming voltage (0.5/12 VDC)
5 EXTMIC+PWR external audio from the microphone (typ. 400 mVrms)
6 GND  
7 GND  


 external audio to the speaker amplifier (220 mVrms)
9 !PTTX external PTT input, 0V active (0/5V)
10 I2C_INT i2c interrupt, radio input    (0/5V)
11 SCL I2C clock
12 SDA I2C data
13 TXD serial out (0/5V)
14 RXD serial in (0/5V)
15 EXTIO  
16 CHGCONT charging control voltage (analog)
16 pin cell phone proprietary of Benefon TDP-40 connector layout
16 pin cell phone proprietary connector
at the bottom of the phone
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