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  Amiga TV  
Analog Red 3 15 RGB Red In
Analog Green 4 11 RGB Green In
Analog Blue 5 7 RGB Blue In
Composite Sync 10 20 Composite Video In
Analog Red GND 16 13 RGB Red In GND
Analog Green GND 17 9 RGB Green In GND
Analog Blue GND 18 5 RGB Blue In GND
Composite Sync GND 19 18 Composite Video In GND
Video GND 20 21 AV Select GND
Video GND 20 14 RGB enable GND
+5V 23 16 RGB enable (Connect via  ~110 Ohm resistor to produce 1-3v)
+12V 22 8 AV Select / 4:3 Aspect ratio
Phono Right   2 Audio IN Right
Phono Right GND   4 GND
Phono Left   6 Audio IN Left
Phono Left GND   4 GND
23 pin D-SUB female connector layout
23 pin D-SUB female connector
at the Amiga
21 pin SCART male connector layout
21 pin SCART male connector
at the TV
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