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unknown connector

19 pin (Cannon 19 pin male?) connector 

Pin Description
1 Red
2 Green
3 Blue
4 Monochrome / Overlay
5 Ground
6 Red Ground
7 Green Ground
8 Blue Ground
9 Audio Out
10 Ground
11 Ground
12 Composite Sync
13 Horizontal Sync
14 Vertikal Sync
15 External Clock Input
16 External Sync Enable
17 +12V for Scart
18 Videomode 1 / M1
19 Videomode 2 / M0

The pinout in the Falcon030 Owner's Manual is wrong, it goes 1 topleft to 10 topright, 11 bottomleft to 19 bottomright.In the manual the top row is shown reversed ie:10 topleft.




M0 M1 Monitor
0 0 mono
0 1 VGA
1 0 RGB
1 1 TV via CINCH


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Source(s) of this and additional information: Hardware Book Jan Krupka
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