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26 pin IDC male connector layout
26 pin IDC male connector
The VESA feature connector (VFC) is a connector on videocards that was used in past to transfer video data from the card to another device, made by VESA.

The connector was defaultly supplied with every videocard, until 2003 year. The VESA feature connector has 8 pixel data bits. In other words, the VESA feature connector is (only) capable of transmitting in 8-bit (256 colors).

Pin Name Description
2PD0DAC Pixel Data Bit 0 (PB)
4PD1DAC Pixel Data Bit 1 (PG)
6PD2DAC Pixel Data Bit 2 (PR)
8PD3DAC Pixel Data Bit 3 (PI)
10PD4DAC Pixel Data Bit 4 (SB)
12PD5DAC Pixel Data Bit 5 (SG)
14PD6DAC Pixel Data Bit 6 (SR)
16PD7DAC Pixel Data Bit 7 (SI)
18CLKDot Clock
20-BLKDAC Blanking
22HSYNCHorizontal Sync
24VSYNCVertical Sync
7 External Pixel Data EN
9 External H/V SY BL EN
11 External Dot Clock
13n/cNot used
23n/cNot used
25n/cNot used
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Is this pinout
Source(s) of this and additional information: Connecting TFT to VESA feature connector manual
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