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Seems to be available on the C128 and the C64C (white colour). Compatible with cables of 5 pin D-SUB on C64?s.

  see note below -----8             7-----no connection
                             6---------chroma out
       audio out -----3             1----- luminance (B & W signal)

          audio in -----5         4----- composite video out
                             2----- ground

Here is the A/V connector of the C64 and C128 shown facing the rear of the computer. Note that early versions of the C64 have a 5 pin DIN connector while later versions have an 8 pin. The two are wired exactly the same, except that the 8 pin connector has a separated chroma (color) output on pin 6. Earlier C64s didnt have separated chroma. Note the U shape of the connector pins. Its different than the circular pattern of the RGB DIN connector on the 1902A monitor, for example. Note: the early two wire cable (5 pin DIN) is used for composite video and audio only, and a three wire cable (8 pin DIN) is needed for Y/C video and audio.

Important note: the later C64C and the C128 both have a power supply line going to one of the unused pins: pin 8. Be careful!!!


8 pin DIN male connector layout
8 pin DIN male connector
According to 5 reports in our database (3 positive and 0 negative) this pinout should be correct.

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