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96 pin Euro-DIN connector layout
96 pin Euro-DIN connector
Pin Name
a1 GND
a2 +5V
a3 +5V
a4 +5V
a6 /VMA
a7 /BG
a8 /LDS
a9 GND
a10 A2
a11 A5
a12 A8
a13 A11
a14 A14
a15 A17
a16 reserved
a17 n/c
a18 reserved
a19 reserved
a20 D1
a21 D4
a22 D7
a23 D10
a24 D13
a25 +5/3.7V
a26 A19
a27 A22
a28 FC0
a29 /IPL0
a30 /BERR
a31 GND
a32 GND
b1 GND
b2 +5V
b3 +5V
b4 +5V
b6 /BR
b8 /UDS
b9 +5/0V
b10 A3
b11 A6
b12 A9
b13 A12
b14 A15
b15 A18
b16 reserved
b17 reserved
b18 reserved
b19 +12V
b20 D2
b21 D5
b22 D8
b23 D11
b24 D14
b25 +5V
b26 A20
b27 A23
b28 FC1
b29 /IPL1
b31 16M
b32 GND
c1 GND
c2 +5V
c3 +5V
c4 +5V
c5 /VPA
c7 R/W
c8 /AS
c9 A1
c10 A4
c11 A7
c12 A10
c13 A13
c14 A16
c15 reserved
c16 n/c
c17 reserved
c18 reserved
c19 D0
c20 D3
c21 D6
c22 D9
c23 D12
c24 D15
c25 GND
c26 A21
c27 E
c28 FC2
c29 /IPL2
c30 /SYS.RST
c31 GND
c32 GND


Unbuffered data bus, bits 0 through 15


Unbuffered address bus, bits 1 through 23


16 MHz clock


External data transfer acknowledge. This signal is an input to the processor logic glue. Assertion delays external generation of the /DTACK signal.


E(enable) clock


Bus error signal generated whenever /AS remains low for more than about 250 us.


Input priority level lines 0 through 2.


Initiates a system reset.


A signal from the Power Manager indicated that associated circuits should tri-state their outputs and go inte idle state; /SYS.PWR is pulled high (deasserted) during sleep state.


Address strobe


Upper data strobe


Lower data strobe


Defines bus transfer as read or write signal


Data transfer acknowledge


Indicates that a wait state is inserted into the current memory cycle and that you can delay a CS.


Bus grant


Bus grant acknowledge


Bus request


Valid memory access


Valid peripheral address


Function code lines 0 through 2


Provides +5V when the system is running normally and 0V when the system is in sleep mode.


Provides +5V when the system is running normally and 3.7V when the system is in sleep mode.

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Source(s) of this and additional information: Technote HW12: Macintosh portable PDS Development at Apple Technical Notes, from Hardware Book
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