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IBM ThinkPad 100/LexMark Lexbook SE10 floppy/serial connector


Dir Description
1 /RDD Read data from drive
2 GND   Ground
3 /HS Head select
4 /DS Drive select
5 /IDX Index sensor
6 /WP Write protect sensor
7 /TR0 Track 0 sensor
8 /STEP Move drive head
9 /DIR Head direction
10 /MO Motor on
11 /DCHG Disk  changed sensor
12 /WE Write enable
13 GND   Ground
14 /WD Write data to drive
15 +5V   Drive power supply
16 DCD* Data carrier detect
17 +5V   Drive power supply
18 RXD* Receive data
19 TXD* Transmit data
20 DTR* Data terminal ready
21 GND*   Ground
22 DSR* Data set ready
23 RTS* Request to send
24 CTS* Clear to send
25 +5V   Drive power supply
26 RI* Ring indicator

Note: All pins marked with * belong to the serial port, the rest belong to the floppy.

Due to the power saving features of the chipset, both power and data may be switched off when not in use.

The connector is a 26-pin AMPLIMITE .050 III series socket at the computer and plug at the cable.

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