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14 pin Molex 39-01-2140 connector layout
14 pin Molex 39-01-2140 connector
14 pin Compaq Power Supply Connector for power supply model PDP-115 (Valid for Compaq Power Supply P/N 165997-001) used on Compaq Deskpro EN/EP SFF series, for Compaq P/N 216922 and 218584.
1 +3.3V  +3.3V [Brown]
2 -12V  -12V [Blue]
3 FO  FAN OFF [Violet]
4 ON  ON/STBY [White]
5 +5V  +5V AUX [Green]
6 FC  FAN CMD [White/Red]
7 +12V  +12V [Orange]
8 +3.3V  +3.3V [Brown]
9 +3V  +3V AUX [Pink]
10 GND  GND [Black]
11 +5V +5V [Red]
12 GND GND [Black]
13 +5V +5V [Red]
14 GND  GND [Black]

Connect pin 4 (ON/STBY) with pin 5 (+5v AUX) to turn on the power supply

According to 13 reports in our database (11 positive and 2 negative) the 14 pin Compaq Power Supply Connector pinout should be correct.

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Source(s) of this and additional information: Taken from Compaq Doc #127M-0300B-WWEN, TRG for iPaq Series (Section
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