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14 pin Molex 39-01-2140 connector layout
14 pin Molex 39-01-2140 connector
pinout for EVO D510 SFF power supply (PDP117P) or also HP-U176 WF3 part number= 243891-002


Pin Pin
1 brown +3,3volts
2 blue -12v
3 violet fan off special pin
4 white power on-standby
5 green +5volts aux
6 white and red fan cmd special pin ( 3.3V RS- )
7 orange +12volts
8 brown +3,3volts
9 pink +3,3volts aux ( 3.3v RS+ )
10 black ground
11 red +5volts
12 black ground
13 red +5volts
14 black ground

the lock spring is above i was starting from the up row left side. This psu is valid for almost all 14-pin Compaq evo desktops.  If you are converting from an ATX Power Supply Pin 6 and 3 are not needed. The Compaq Power Supply 90W ( Compaq Square Nº 288468-001 ) has this PinLayout an fit in Compaq Deskpro EN SFF


Power-On on Compaq REQUIRES high signal to switch on!

Connecting directly power-on with power-on on standard ATX that start on low (connect to ground) won't be enough to start Compaq motherboard.

Build inverter:

or don't connect wire 4 (white) to plug and start PSU by additional switch that connect power-on from PSU with ground.


According to 11 reports in our database (11 positive and 0 negative) the Compaq PDP Power Supply Conector pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
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