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24 pin MiniFit Jr 5566-24 male (MOLEX 44206-0007) connector layout
24 pin MiniFit Jr 5566-24 male (MOLEX 44206-0007) connector
Although most recent x86 server motherboards are designed to use either ATX12V v2.x or EPS12V power supplies, some servers use the ATX GES power supply standard developed by AMD to support its first server-class processor, the Athlon MP, when used in dual-processor (two-way) configurations.

The ATX GES power supply standard was used by the Tyan Thunder K7 (S2452 series) and Tyan Thunder K7X (S2468 series) motherboards made for the AMD Athlon MP processor. Note that the Tyan Thunder K7X Pro uses an EPS12V power supply.

Pin Name   Color Description
1 5V   Red +5 VDC
2 5V   Red +5 VDC
3 COM   Black Ground
4 COM   Black Ground
5 /PS_ON   Green Power Supply On (active low). Short this pin to GND to switch power supply ON, disconnect from GND to switch OFF.
6 COM   Black Ground
7 3.3V   Orange +3.3 VDC
8 PG   Orange POWER GOOD (+3.3 VDC?)
9 COM   Black Ground
10 COM   Black Ground
11 12V   Yellow +12 VDC
12 12V   Yellow +12 VDC
13 +5V   Red +5 VDC
14 +5V   Red +5 VDC
15 COM   Black Ground
16 5VSB   Purple +5 VDC Standby Voltage (max 10mA)
17 -12V   Blue -12 VDC
18 COM   Black Ground
19 3.3V   Orange +3.3 VDC
20 3.3V   Orange +3.3 VDC
21 3.3V   Orange +3.3 VDC
22 COM   Black Ground
23 COM   Black Ground
24 12V   Yellow +12 VDC
 /PSON activated by pressing and releasing the power button while the power supply is in standby mode. Activating /PSON connects the power supply's /PSON input to ground, thereby switching the power supply to full-on condition. 
24 pin MiniFit Jr 5557-24 female (MOLEX 39-01-2240) connector layout
24 pin MiniFit Jr 5557-24 female (MOLEX 39-01-2240) connector
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