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10 pin single row female connector layout
10 pin single row female connector

Power Macintosh 6100/60 and 6100/66

1 -12V Blue
2 +12V

Yellow or Orange
(This depends on the maunufacturer

of the original power supply.)

3 Ground Black
4 Ground Black
5 NC Empty/No Connection
6 Ground Black
7 Ground Black
8 +5V Red
9 +5V Red
10 +5V Red

Omitted pins are Not Connected.  The connector is very similar to some IBM compatible PC's 12-pin power supply, only with two pins omitted.

On an AT PC Power Supply:

(THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED!!)  It may be possible to reverse pins 3 and 4 (the blue and yellow wires) on an AT power supply connector "P8" and also reverse pins 1 and 3 (The white and second black wires) on "P9" to power the Macintosh's logic board.  To do this, in theory, connect the "P9" connector first on the right side of the Macintosh power connector on the logic board, *then* connect "P8".  The purpose of this comment is in case someone gets a PM 6100 with a very broken case and happens to get a nearly all metal PC case that is in the "LPX" form factor from roughly the same era in time at wants to use either an AT or ATX power supply.

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