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40 pin Toshiba proprietary connector layout
40 pin Toshiba proprietary connector
at the PDA, looking into cable-side connector
Pin Signal Description
1 USB+  Short to pins 35-40 to make USB charge cable 
2 USB DATA-   
3 USB DATA+   
4 USB-  Ground 
5 + for USB HOST   
8   Short to pin 16 with 4 kOm resistor to enable usb host 
9-15   may be VGA
17,19,24 GND   
20 RI   
21 CTS   
22 RTS   
23 DSR   
25 DTR   
26 TXD   
27 RXD   
28-33 GND   


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Is this pinout
Source(s) of this and additional information: Toshiba e800/805 pinout, cradle modification
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