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10 pin PALM proprietary of Palm Pilot, Palm III, V, VII, VIIx, Handera cable connector connector layout
10 pin PALM proprietary connector
The Palm Serial Connector used before 2000/2001.

Pin Signal Description
1 DTR non-standart implementation of DTR. As long as the transceiver is enabled this pin outputs an asserted signal. 3.0 volts when transceiver shutdown (normal mode), 6.0 volts when transceiver enabled (Hotsync)
2 Vbat, +3.3v normally connected to HotSync (pin 7) with button
4 RTS  
6 CTS  
7 HotSync IRQ link to 3.3v (pin 2) for HotSync. Interrupt line for waking up device (initiate HotSync process in PalmOS).
8 ID Palm modem connect this pin to 3.3v (pin 2) by 20Kohm link
9 N/C* DC In in Palm III (+5VDC)
10 GND GPS -

*Palm V does not contain an internal charging circuit.

Maximum transmission rate is 115200 bps (57600 bps for modem).



Here is Palm Serial cable scheme




9 pin D-SUB female connector layout
9 pin D-SUB female connector
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Palm Pilot, Palm III, V, VII, VIIx, Handera cable connector visual pinout:click to enlarge
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