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22 pin male Himalaya proprietary connector layout
22 pin male Himalaya proprietary connector
For HP iPAQ h1900, HP iPAQ h6300, HP iPAQ hw6950, HP iPAQ hx2400, HP iPAQ hx2700, HP iPAQ rx1950 series. May be used to build a simple USB or serial cable for connection to a PC or serial device.Original cable is USB/Serial AutoSync Cable (FA122A).
Pin Signal Description
1, 2, 3, 4 V_ADP  5 volts to power up the unit
5 GND GND on most EU-Versions
6 DCD RS-232 Data Carry Detect
7 RXD RS-232 Receive Data, <--, GPS T
8 TXD RS-232 Transmit Data, -->, GPS R
9 DTR RS-232 Data Terminal Ready
10 GND GPS -
11 DSR RS-232 Data Set Ready
12 RTS RS-232 Request To Send
13 CTS RS-232 Clear To Send
14 RING RS-232 Ring
15 GND  
16 No Connect ? Do Not Use  
17 USB Detect  
18 No Connect ? Do Not Use  
19 USB  UDC + USB Data+
20 GND GND on most EU-Versions
21 USB  UDC - USB Data-
22 GND  

There is no serial port support in HP H6315 - use USB connection. There is also no com port connected (pins 6-9 and 11-14) in h1910?

Serial port (pins 6-9 and 11-14) not implemented on iPaq series 19XX ( RX1950 and RX1955 have serial port )

iPAQ 19/22/38/39/54/5500 connector


Drawing with numbering (made by superbob)


also for HP iPAQ rw6100,RX3115,RX3715,RZ1710,RZ1715 and T-mobile iPAQ h6315


Caution: there is an SMD connector on the market with two rows of pins meant to straddle the edge of a PCB. One known use is in a car charger/adapter. This version labels the pin numbers from right to left!


What, if anything, should be done with pin 17 (USB detect) when connecting to USB?

Pin 17 must be connect to +5.0V  then USB in use

According to 21 reports in our database (14 positive and 3 negative) the HP iPAQ h1910, h1915, h1920, h1930, h1935, h1937, h1945, h2200, h2210, h2215, h3800, h3900, h4150, h4155, h4300, h4350, h4355, h5100, h5155, h5400, h5500, h5450, h5500, h5550, h5555, h6315, h6340, h6340, h6365, hw6510, hw6515, hx2000, hx2100, hx2400, hx2700, hx4700, hx4705 pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
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