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14 pin HP Jornada proprietary connector layout
14 pin HP Jornada proprietary connector
Pin Signal Description
1 5V+ USB  
2 USB Data-  
3 USB Data+  
4 GND Ground
5 RTS RS-232 Request To Send
6 CTS RS-232 Clear To Send
8 DCD,DSR together?  
9 RXD RS-232 Receive Data
10 TXD RS-232 Transmit Data
11 DTR

RS-232 Data Terminal Ready

13 GND Ground
14 +5V Power
According to 3 reports in our database (1 positive and 1 negative) the HP Jornada 540, 545, 548, 560, 565, 567, 568, 928 interface port pinout may be incorrect.

Is this pinout
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