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24 pin cell phone unspecified proprietary connector layout
Разъем 24 pin cell phone unspecified proprietary
Pin Pin
1 ADP_IN 5_VDC_2A – Adapter In - Part# 395250 Output connector needs to modified to mate with new I/O
2 ADP_IN  
3 ADP_IN  
4 ADP_IN  
5 VBUS FS 2.0 USB Full Speed Host
6 D+_HHS  
7 D-_HHS  
8 GND System Ground
9 D+_OTG 2.0 USB High Speed On-The-Go
10 D-_OTG  
12 ID_OTG  
13 GND System Ground
14 ID_READ Accessory Identification – Connect GPI to ID_READ and GPO to ID_POWER.
16 A_GND Audio Headset Connection
17 A_Left_Out Headset Audio Left_Out
18 A_Right_Out Headset Audio Right_Out
19 Mic_In Headset Mic_In
20 GND System Ground
21 Reserved_1 Reserved for future use – No Connect
22 Reserved_2 Reserved for future use – No Connect
23 Reserved_3 Reserved for future use – No Connect
24 GND System Ground

Pins 5-8 have been confirmed and tested for iPaq 210, all other pins have not been tested. 

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