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26 pin Asus MyPal proprietary connector layout
26 pin Asus MyPal proprietary connector
Pin Signal Description
1,7,20,26 GND connected together in cable?
2 TRST  
3 TCK  
4 TDO  
5 TMS  
6 TDI  
8 USB D-  
9 USB D+  
11 USBH- USB host
12 USBH+ USB host
13 VUSBH USB host +5V?
14,15,16,17 DC4, DC3, DC2, DC1  
18 RxD TTL, not RS232
19 TxD TTL, not RS232
21 V Video Out?
22 H Video Out?
23 B Video Out?
24 G Video Out?
25 R Video Out?



USB cable pinout

USB Pin USB Signal Asus Pin(s)
1 USB +5V 10,17
2 USB D- 8
3 USB D+ 9
4 Gnd 7,20



4 pin USB A plug connector layout
4 pin USB A plug connector
According to 4 reports in our database (1 positive and 3 negative) the Asus MyPal A620 cable connector and USB cable pinout may be incorrect.

Is this pinout
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