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40 pin ASUS proprietary connector layout
40 pin ASUS proprietary connector
USB and headset connections


  GND   Ground
3  Audio R   Earphone (right)
4,6,8   Vcc   
5   Audio L   Earphone (left)
7   Audio GND   Earphone GND
15   USB D-   
17   USB D+   
19   HOST USB D-   via double SMD resistor
21   HOST USB D+   via double SMD resistor
27   UART TX   
29   UART RX   
30   SENSE   Pin to GND via R=10Ohm to switch charger from 5/7.5V to 15V
31   ?   Pinned to GND via capacitor in cable?
33,35,37   ?   Tied together and pinned to GND via capacitor

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According to 4 reports in our database (4 positive and 0 negative) the Asus Transformer EeePad TF101, TF201, TF300, SL201 40 pin cable pinout should be correct.

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