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5 pin DIN female connector layout
5 pin DIN female connector
This cable will allow you to connect the Apple IIc to the Apple Imagewriter II printer
Device 1
DIN Pin Number
Device 1
Apple Pin Number *
Pin Name
Direction Device 2
Pin Number
Device 2
Pin Name
Description (may be empty)
1 1 HSKo -> 2 HSKi Handshaking
4 2 TxD -> 5 RxD- Data
2 3 GND   4,8 GND,RxD+ Ground 
5 4 RxD <- 3 TxD- Data 
3 5 HSKi <- 1 HSKo Handshaking

  The Imagewriter's pin 6 and 7 are not used.  This is equivalent to the Apple IIc Peripheral-8 Cable (A2C4312.)


*  Please note:  Apple's numbering scheme for its' DIN-5 ports do not follow the DIN specification.  Both are provided for convenience.

8 pin mini-DIN female connector layout
8 pin mini-DIN female connector
According to 1 reports in our database (1 positive and 0 negative) the Apple IIc to Imagewriter II printer pinout should be correct.

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