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9 pin D-SUB female connector layout
9 pin D-SUB female connector
at the Apple computer
Pin Name Description
1 GAMESW1 Switch input 1 (sometimes called paddle button 1).
2 +5V +5 VDC (max 100mA)
3 GND System ground.
4 n/a Not used
5 PDL0 Paddle 0 hand controller input. Must be connected to a 150K ohm variable resistor connected to +5V.
6 n/c Not connected
7 GAMESW0 Switch input 0 (sometimes called paddle button 0).
8 PDL1 Paddle 1 hand controller input; must be connected to a 150K ohm variable resistor connected to +5V.
9 n/a Not used
9 pin D-SUB male connector layout
9 pin D-SUB male connector
at the mouse cable
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Source(s) of this and additional information: Apple Tech Info Library 1419: Apple IIc, External Pinouts at Apple TIL homepage
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