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20 pin Apple HDI-20 connector layout
20 pin Apple HDI-20 connector
This connector is present on the Macintosh Duo MiniDock and PowerBook Duo Floppy adapter. An HDI-20 1.4 MB drive can be connected to this port.
Pin Name Description
1 GND Signal Ground
2 GND Signal Ground
3 GND Signal Ground
4 GND Signal Ground
5 NC No connection
6 +5V +5 volts DC
7 +5V +5 volts DC
8 +5V +5 volts DC
9 +5V +5 volts DC
10 NC No connection
11 PH0 Phase 0: state control line
12 PH1 Phase 1: state control line
13 PH2 Phase 2: state control line
14 PH3 Phase 3: register write strobe
15 WREQ Write request
16 HDSEL Head select
17 ENBL2 External drive select
18 RD Read data
19 WR Write data
20 NC No connection


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Source(s) of this and additional information: Apple "Ports and Pinouts", from Hardware Book
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