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ESDI=Enhanced Small Device Interface. Developed by Maxtor in the early 1980?s as an upgrade and improvement to the ST506 design.

20 PIN IDC MALE (At the controller)

20 PIN IDC FEMALE (At the harddisk)

20 PIN IDC MALE at the Controller.

20 PIN IDC FEMALE at the Harddisk.

Control connector

Pin Name Description
2   Head Sel 3
4   Head Sel 2
6   Write Gate
8   Config/Stat Data
10   Transfer Acknowledge
12   Attention
14   Head Sel 0
16   Sect/Add MK Found
18   Head Sel 1
20   Index
22   Ready
24   Transfer Request
26   Drive Sel 1
28   Drive Sel 2
30   Drive Sel 3
32   Read Gate
34   Command Data
Note: All odd are GND, Ground.

Data connector

Pin Name Description
1   Drive Selected
2   Sect/Add MK Found
3   Seek Complete
4   Address Mark Enable
5   (reserved, for step mode)
6 GND Ground
7   Write Clock+
8   Write Clock-
9   Cartridge Changed
10   Read Ref Clock+
11   Read Ref Clock-
12 GND Ground
13   NRZ Write Data+
14   NRZ Write Data-
15 GND Ground
16 GND Ground
17   NRZ Read Data+
18   NRZ Read Data-
19 GND Ground
20 GND Ground
34 pin IDC male connector layout
34 pin IDC male connector
at the controller (control connector)
34 pin IDC female connector layout
34 pin IDC female connector
at the hard disk (control connector)
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