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Can be used to connect a normal IDE harddisk to the Paravision SX1. Paravision was earlier known as Microbotics
Description D-Sub IDC
Drive Reset11
Data bit 0217
Data bit 2313
Data bit 449
Data bit 655
Data bit 874
Data bit 1088
Data bit 12912
Data bit 141016
5V Power18n/c
5V Power19n/c
Data bit 12121
Data bit 32222
Data bit 52323
Data bit 72424
Data bit 92626
Data bit 112727
Data bit 132828
Data bit 152929
I/O Write3023
I/O Read3125
Interrupt Request3231
Address bit 23336
Address bit 13433
Address bit 03535
Chip Select 13638
Chip Select 03737
37 pin D-SUB female connector layout
37 pin D-SUB female connector
at the controller
40 pin IDC female connector layout
40 pin IDC female connector
at the hard disk
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Is this pinout
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