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25 pin D-SUB female connector layout
25 pin D-SUB female connector
Pin Name Dir Description
1+12V-->+12 VDC
2+5V-->+5 VDC
3+5V-->+5 VDC
4/INDEX<--Sector hole passed sensor.
5/DSEL1-->Drive Select 1
6DIR-->Direction (0=In, 1=Dir)
7/STEP-->Moves head 1 step in DIR direction.
8WRITEDATA-->Write Data
9/WRITEGATE-->Write Gate
10/TRACK00<--Head is over Track 00 (outermost track)
11/WRITEPROTECT<--Write protected disk (0=Write protected)
12READDATA<--Data read from diskette.
13/SIDESELECT-->Side Select (0=Side 1, 1=Side 0)
14+12V-->+12 VDC
15+12V-->+12 VDC
16+5V-->+5 VDC
17/DSEL0-->Select Drive 0
18/MOTOR-->Motor On
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Source(s) of this and additional information: Mayer"s SV738 X"press I/O map, from Hardware Book
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