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micro conector (26x1)

   Be careful! The conductor side at the flexfoil connector can vary.

Pin Pin
2 /INDEX Index
4 /DRVS Drive Sel
6 /DSKCHG Disk Change
7 RES Reserved
8 READY used only in older drives. In newer drives N/C.
9 MEDIA used only in older drives. In newer drives N/C.
10 /MOTE Motor Enable
11 /REDWC Density Select
12 /DIR Direction
13 RES Reserved (Inuse)
14 /STEP Step
15 GND Ground
16 /WDATE Write Data
17 GND Ground
18 /WGATE Write Gate
19 GND Ground
20 /TRK00 Track00
21 GND Ground
22 /WPT Write Protect
23 GND Ground
24 /RDATA Read Data
25 GND Ground
26 /SIDE1 Side 1 Select

Not for Toshiba's Citizen 26 pins floppy drives.

Put 1K pullup resistors on pins 8 and 9, if new drive does not provide signals for these and the laptop apparently needs them.

According to 17 reports in our database (14 positive and 1 negative) the 3.5 inch micro Floppy Disk Drive connector (26 pin) pinout should be correct.

Is this pinout
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