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18 pin Samsung right-to-left numbering cell phone proprietary connector layout
18 pin Samsung right-to-left numbering cell phone proprietary connector
Original cable is PCB093LBE.




Reverse-engineered PCB093LBE cable:

When cables switch is at setting Data, RS-232 of the PC is connected to phone connector pins 4 and 5. However in most Samsung pinouts TxD/RxD is at pins 2 and 3, which is setting D/L. See Samsung C100 pinout for other signals descriptions.

SGH-E710, SGH-E600, SGH-X450, SGH-E300, SGH-E400, SGH-X400, SGH-P100, SGH-C200, SGH-D410, SGH-D100, SGH-X120 - PCB093LBEC/STD cable
C200N, C210, C300, D410, E300, E310, E600, E610, E710, E850, P400, S300,
  S300M, V200, X150, X160, X200, X210, X300, X450, X480, X510, X520 and X530 - PCB093LBE cable


9 pin D-SUB female connector layout
9 pin D-SUB female connector
According to 7 reports in our database (3 positive and 4 negative) this pinout may be incorrect.

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