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18 pin Samsung right-to-left numbering cell phone proprietary connector layout
18 pin Samsung right-to-left numbering cell phone proprietary connector
Full pinout of Samsung C100.

Full C100 pinout :
There are two numbering schemes - with pins counted from left to right and with pins counted from right to left (phone is keypad up).

1 18 +VBATT (4.2V) (accumalator voltage)
2 17 RS232_TXD
3 16 RS232_RXD
4 15 Debug_RX
5 14 Debug_TX
6 13 TA_Det
7 12 RS232_CTS
8 11 GND Ground
9 10 RS232_RTS
10 9 Data_Cable_Detection
11 8 GND Ground
12 7 Handsfree speaker (+)
13 6 Handsfree MIC (+)
14 5 VBATT (4.2V)
15 4 RS232_DTR
16 3 DA I_Reset
17 2 DCVOLT (CHG+) charger input
18 1 DCVOLT (CHG+) charger input

Some sources points that pins 1,2,3,5 (left-to-right numbering here and later) should be shorted. Pins 8,11,14,15 should be shorted to GND. Supposed this to be neccessary for flash cable.

See Samsung C100 cable scheme for data cable.


18 pin Samsung cell phone proprietary connector layout
18 pin Samsung cell phone proprietary connector
According to 3 reports in our database (2 positive and 1 negative) the Samsung C100, C110, P500, P510 cell phones cable connector pinout should be correct.

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