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16 pin PalmOne Treo 650 proprietary connector layout
Разъем 16 pin PalmOne Treo 650 proprietary
also used in Palm LifeDrive, Palm TX ?
Pin Signal Description
1 MIC_IN  
2 AGND  
3 SPKR_R  
4 SPKR_L  
6 HOTSYNC short to GND (pin 10) for HOTSYNC
7 RXD TTL, can't be directly connected to PC RS32
8 TXD TTL, can't be directly connected to PC RS32
9 Reserved  
10 DGND  
11 USB_D-  
12 USB_D+  
13 VBUS  
16 VDOCK  
G GND in gap

For USB data cable use only pins number 10,11,12 and 13. For charging cable use all described pins:

Palm Pin USB Signal PC USB Pin
13,16 USB +5V 1
11 USB D- 2
12 USB D+ 3
10,14 (15 see description) USB GND 4

 Pin 15 - connect to ground if you want your palm to sense I'm in craddle. Usable in many programs.

Please note, that as of the 3rd of August 2006 all the Palm documents number the pins in the opposite direction.



Modification for Generic Models (via:

SOLUTION: If you were unlucky enough to buy this cable, and you have a few minutes, it is possible to fix the cable to work. I believe the problem is that this cable has pin 6, which is the hotsynch pin. Typically, if your cable has a hot synch button, this pin grounds out to activate the synch. Although the pin connects to nothing in the cable, its presence causes problems. Removing it corrected the problem for me at least.

HOW TO DO IT: If you have tweezers or a tiny pair of pliers, count from the side OPPOSITE the power connector (big square peg) to the SIXTH pin. Pull this pin out. I couldn't get it out from the outside, so I just popped open the connector. To open the connector, there are is a little plastic flap on each side holding it together - open these (I just broke them) and pry hard and the case will pop open. Form there I just used tweezers to pull out the sixth pin from the inside, and put the case back together. Voila! It works.

4 pin USB A plug connector layout
Разъем 4 pin USB A plug
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