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12 pin Ericsson cell phone proprietary connector layout
12 pin Ericsson cell phone proprietary connector
full pinout
Pin Description Comments
1 Audio Out  
2 Audio In  
3 Accessory Sense. GND to enable External Mic and Speaker (Analog)  
4 Audio Signal GND  
5 Portable handsfree In. Internal/external mic and ear (0=External - open=Internal)
6 Music Mute Out, High when phone is used.  
7 In Flash Memory Voltage and Service Voltage,
In 0V=normal,+5V=test, +12V=test+flash
Test. Switch phone off and provide +5V and switch back on. (set comms at 115200, n,8,1)
8 Logic Out, Status On. Sources over 100mA. +3.3V output
9 TX (Data Out) from Mobile Station. Debug messages appear here at 112KBaud when in debug mode. TTL
10 Digital Ground and DC return  
11 Rx (Data in) TTL
12 DC in for battery charging, DC out for accessory power + external power supply 7.2Volt - 600mA


According to 4 reports in our database (2 positive and 1 negative) the Ericsson T10S, T18S, A1018S, 628, 688, 768, 788 and SH888 cell phones cable connector pinout should be correct.

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