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9 pin D-SUB male connector layout
Разъем 9 pin D-SUB male
This is a simple and common cable for cell phones without USB support. Tested with Ericsson, Siemens, Panasonic, Sagem, Sony, Alcatel, Motorola cellular phones. Allows flashing.

universal mobile cellular cable or data-cable

This scheme is some kind of RS-232 Driver/Receiver. Power is driven from COM-port.

Almost all digital devices we use require TTL or CMOS logic levels. That's why the first step when trying to connect the device to RS-232 port is transformation of RS-232 levels ack into 0 and 5 Volts. This is done by RS-232 Level Converters, like a Max 232.

There are also many variations of these devices. Other devices are available which use smaller capacitors and even some with built-in capacitors. (Note : Some MAX-232's can use 1 micro farad Capacitors). However the MAX-232 is the most common, and thus this RS-232 Level Converter will be used in our example.
78L05 - Linear voltage regulator.

This cable tested with: Alcatel OT, OneTouch db; Ericsson T10, T18s, T28s, A1018s, 888; Panasonic G450, G500, G520, G600, GD-70, GD-90; Sagem 612, 615, 715, 725, 730, 750, 820; Sony CMD-C5. Should work with most other phones except Nokia, Bosch.

Almost similar scheme, but with external power source.

universal mobile cellular cable or data-cable

You can find a pinout for your model in the appropriate section of this website.

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