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16 pin (10+6) Toyota Head Unit proprietary connector layout
Разъем 16 pin (10+6) Toyota Head Unit proprietary
p/n 86120-28430


6-Pin  DVD Changer Video Blue Connector

Part number of connector is 90980-12209

Pin Function Details
1 V+  
3 AR+  
4 AL+  
5 A-  
6 ADPG Signal Ground


5-Pin Sensor signals Gray Connector

Part number of connector is 90980-11909, p/n of plug is 90980-11920

Pin Function  
1 PKB Parking Break. This signal is grounded when parking break switch is closed. Floats otherwise (Input)
3 SPD Generated from the Speedometer. Most likely this is the Vehicle speed sensor pulse line (Input)
5 REV  

10-Pin Video & Communications Black Connector

Part number of connector is 90980-11922, p/n of plug is 90980-11923

Pin Function Details
1 VR Grounded when Ignition Switch is Off
2 R Red VGA (Input)
3 B Blue VGA (Input)
6 VG Ground
7 G Green VGA (Input)
8 SYNC Probably VSync

 4-Pin Reverse Camera Video and Power Connector

Part number of connector is 90980-12211

Pin Function Details
1 V+ Positive Voltage Terminal??
Referred to as B-Eye on Schematics,
Probably a composite video signal
2 CA+ Output, Camera power?
3 V-

Negative Voltage Terminal
Referred to as B-Eye-In on Schematics,
probably a composite video signal

4 GND Ground


5-Pin TV Antenna Connector

Pin Function
1 DIV2 out
2 DIV1 out
3 TV+  out


 12-Pin Rear audio controller, DVD Changer Audio Black Connector

Numbering is wrong??

Pin Function Details
8 SLD Shield/Ground
1 R+ Right Audio Input Positive
6 R- Right Audio Input Negative
2 L+ Left Audio Input Positive
7 L- Left Audio Input Negative
4 Mute Logical 1 when Radio Switch is On
3 GND Ground
10 TX+ Transmission+
9 TX- Transmission-
12 ACC+B +12V when key is in ACC/AUX position
5 BU+B Battery +12V
11 TXT  

Part number of 10 pin connector is 90980-11781 or 90980-10801, p/n of plug is 90980-10881

Part number of 6 pin connector is 90980-10996 or 90980-10796

Pin  Function Details
1 FR+  
2 FL+  
3 ACC+  
4 BAT+  
5 FR-  
6 FL-  
7 GND  
8 ANT+  
10 ILL+  
11 RR+  
12 RL+  
13 RR-  
14 CMP-  
15 CMP+  
16 RL-  




12 pin Toyota/Lexus Head Unit proprietary connector layout
Разъем 12 pin Toyota/Lexus Head Unit proprietary
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