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14 pin SONY BETAMAX female connector layout
14 pin SONY BETAMAX female connector
This is the wiring in generic 14C-30/14C-100 CCK cables made by Panasonic, used with various different Panasonic cameras. It doesn't look compatible with general CCK usage (there are thin wires in the Pansaonic cable where there'd be heavy-duty power wires in a Sony cable).
1   Overall cable shield   15 gauge
2   insulated wire   18 gauge
3   two core shielded   28 gauge
4   two core shielded   28 gauge
5   shield for pins 3 & 4   20 gauge
6   coax   28 gauge
7   shield for pin 6   22 gauge
8   shields for pins 9 & 11   18 gauge
9   coax   28 gauge
10   insulated wire   28 gauge
11   coax   28 gauge
12   insulated wire   28 gauge
13   insulated wire   28 gauge
14   insulated wire   28 gauge,
shield goes to pin 5


14 pin SONY BETAMAX male connector layout
14 pin SONY BETAMAX male connector
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